Monday, January 2, 2012

The Journey

Over the past year I have been on a personal journey.  However, I am back to continue with our journey together.  First, I would like to thank everyone for your support and patience.  Second, I pray that each one of you have made positive changes in your life over the past year. Third, I pray that as we continue on this journey, we will inspire and motivate each other. More important, we will touch many other people and inspire them to become more effective in every area of their lives.
This year “The Importance of Education” will cover more topics.  I always say that education can be formal or informal. Therefore we will discuss topics such as: work, unemployment, travel &leisure, spiritual awareness, health& beauty, communication, personal and professional relationships, pets, cooking, and money. These are just samples of information to be addresses. I agree the menu is broad. However, if there is something that you do not know about; you need to be EDUCATED on that subject.
 Each person has valuable information that should be shared.  Each person wants to receive information that will help them to do better.  I challenge you ask questions, and share your knowledge.  This will empower us to become teachers /educators both formally and informally. I know that you want to make a difference and help others.  REMEMBER: MarlenSaysMakeItHappen.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

What Are Your Plans?

If you have been out of High School for more than six months, have not obtained that job or career you once dreamed of; the question is " What Are Your Plans?"  If returning to school is not part of your plans now or in the near future, consider serving your country. Yes, enlisting in the Military may help you to decide what you want to do in this life. You will have excellent opportunities to travel, meet people from different cultures, get on the job paid training, leadership, discipline, and earn money for college or vocational training. 

Today you must have a competitive advantage in the job market.  Military experience looks good on any resume. While in the military take advantage of the educational opportunities. The educational opportunities will prove to be of great value to you both in and out of the military. Now is to time for you to be productive and increase your marketability in all areas of your life. Remember: Marlene says make it happen. 

The Importance of Education: Why Do I Need A Formal Education?

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The Importance of Education: A Vocational Education

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The Importance of Education: Making The Decision To Attend College

The Importance of Education: Making The Decision To Attend College: "Deciding whether or not to attend college can be a difficult decision. As I have previously stated, attending college does not guarantee tha..."

Making The Decision

As we approach the end of the year choices and decisions must be made. These choices/decisions will have an impact on you personally and professionally. The only wrong choice is the decision to remain neutral. When you are in a neutral position you cannot move forward or backwards, you stay positioned where you are with many regrets.

NOW is the time to look into that college or vocational education you have been thinking about. Please do not let finances deter you, there are plenty of financing opportunities available. Please do not say you do not have the time. There are traditional and non traditional classes available, and you can attend as a full-time or part-time student. Please do not let child care and other family obligations hinder you, because you can attend school right in the comfort of your own home! The choices and decisions are yours. Remember: Marlene says make it happen!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Making The Decision To Attend College

Deciding whether or not to attend college can be a difficult decision. As I have previously stated, attending college does not guarantee that you will get a high paying job; nor does it guarantee that you will get a job. The biggest decision you will need to make before deciding to attend college would be the career field you would like to work. For Example: If you decided you wanted to become a psychologist you should be prepared to dedicate at least 6 to 8 years toward college. If you received a bachelor's degree in the field of psychology your choice of work options will be extremely limited. In fact you may not able to work in the psychology field until you at least have a graduate degree. If this is a profession that you desire to work in, then it is absolutely a worthwhile investment. However, if you're unsure you would really need to do extensive research so that you do not waste your time or money pursuing this career.

Another career field that requires a degree but only on an associate level is registered nursing. This career field requires two years of college to enter at the entry level. However, you must decide if you are able to work with people, blood, and other bodily fluids. Working as a registered nurse can be quite rewarding, and it can also be quite a challenge. If you were to pursue an education in the field of registered nursing, I would suggest that you make sure you do your research and enter the profession for the right reasons. Registered nursing has been glamorized by many TV shows. Yes, registered nurses are able to earn very good wages. Keep in mind money is not everything, and there is always the possibility of being involved in a malpractice lawsuit. The earning potential for registered nurses with associate degrees is good. If you really want to increase your earning potential, and employment options, then you will definitely need to return to school to pursue advanced degrees.

Making the decision to attend college requires a lot of self reflection. Remember it is a long-term investment with the possibility of great rewards. As you grow older and look back on your life you will probably never regret acquiring a college education. I will tell you if you do not attend college it may be one of your biggest regrets. To this day I have not met a person who has said I wish I would have never gone to college and received my associate, bachelor, master, or doctorate degree.” Whatever you decide is best for you, remember, Marlene says: make it happen.